ProPic40 Ultimate PIC16F877A Mainboard


ProPic40 Ultimate PIC16F877A Mainboard

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Ultimate controller for PIC16F877A based robot projects. High efficiency, easy to use mainboard for your projects.


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Product Description

Our ultimate controller for PIC based robots, projects. We firmly suggest that controller for Sumo Robot projects.

The board includes Main PIC as a PIC16F877A (*Other 40 Pin PICs can also be used).


  • Switching mode High efficiency 5 Volt regulator. +Input voltage can be applied from 7V to 32V. The regulator has short current protection. And can give 500Ma output total.
  • Easy connect green terminals, no crimp pins. Just use generic cables for connections.
  • Built-in ISP port which gives easy programming without extraction of PIC. You can directly program the PIC with your programmer’s ISP pin.
  • With 20Mhz crystal, high-speed program execution achieved.


  • 5 x Trimpot: Connected to A0-A1-A2-A3-A5 Pins.
  • 1 x Start Button, Start Input (For Start Modules) connected to A4 Pin.
  • 4 x User Leds: Connected to D4-D5-D6-D7 Pins.
  • 1 x Switch Mosfet: N-Channel Logic Level Mosfet connected to D3 Pin. Can be used for switching Mechanisms, Flags Etc.
  • 3 x Dipswitch: Connected to E0-E1-E2 Pins (Can be used for sumo robot tactic selection)
  • 2 x Vin-5V Selection Jumpers: Used for terminal voltage selection Input voltage or regulated 5V.

Free Pins in Green Terminals

Propic40 has total 19 free pins you can use for any purpose. (PIC16F877A total 33 I/O, 14 pin is used inside controller)

  • B Port: All B port is free, can be connected to sensors, etc.
  • C Port: All C port is free, can be used for input/output purposes.
  • D0-D1-D2 pins: These pins are free too, can be connected to any interface circuits.

Example Pin connection Scenario for Sumo Robot

  • 7 Opponent Sensors: Connected from B0 to B6.
  • 4 Edge (White Line) sensors: Connected to C4 to C7
  • 4 Motor Control Pins: C1-C2 PWM Pins. C0 and C3 are direction pins. (2 Speed, 2 Direction Pin for 2 Motor)

Still, we have 4 pins left for other purposes. By the way, with ProPIC40 you can use it’s Start button, tactical dipswitch, user leds and switch MOSFET.

How will you program your ProPIC40?

Pic16F877A one of the easiest and common PIC model for development.
We suggest you use MikroC language for programming. We have ready-made sumo robot program for sharing too!

*Using another PIC Mcu Model Like 18F4550

You can! While designing ProPIC40 board, we added compatibility to another Popular PIC models like 18F4550. 18F4550 and 16F877A Pıc’s have only difference at pin outs. Pin17 which 18F4550 needs extra 1x 220nF capacitor while 16F877a don’t needs. We added that extra soldering area to bottom if you want to use for 18F4550. Also, 20 Mhz crystal is adequate for nearly all 40 pin pics.


Please click here for higher resolution circuit file.


Additional Information

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