SteelWarrior Sumo Robot Kit (No Electronics – Not Assembled)


SteelWarrior Sumo Robot Kit (No Electronics – Not Assembled)


SteelWarrior, our very well designed robot sumo chassis, comes with 4 powerfull Titan motors and  rubber wheels. Suitable for all sumo robot tournaments. Ready for attaching magnets and sensors.

Fully closed design makes robot unbreakable. You can secure all electronics inside of SteelWarrior.

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Product Description


Easily Attach Your Wedge

Front plane is bend to 15 degrees. 2 milimeter thickness gives enough strength.

Just use double sided tape or M3 screws for attaching thin blades.

Small angle will help to get under of opponent more easily.


Enough Room For All Parts

Four motor design makes robot very well balanced. You can place your batteries between motors easily. Left and right opponent sensors secured between wheels.


Better Mechanical Stability

At back side 2 wheel is always touches to ground, If opponent robot get under your robot still 2 wheel will be contacted to dohyo.

2 milimeter thickness chassis and design makes robot’s COG lower then other projects.

Best Design for robot sumo competitions with good price.


Suitable For All Sensors

You can use most models at SW chassis. M18 threaded sensors and industry standart prismatic sensors (Omron, Keyence, Sick, Pepperl Fuchs Miniature sensors) can be easily attached. Holes drilled with considering that sensor mount sizes.


Change for Magnetic Japan Style

At bottom chassis has lots of 2,5mm holes ready for tapping. Which means that you can use holed magnets for changing robot for metal dohyos.

You can click the picture for bigger size. At picture 15-20-25 milimeter diameter magnets attached to chassis.


Comes With Extra Plate!

SW comes with one extra middle plate for different assemblies. Middle plate has lots of hole and slots for attaching boards & sensors. All power and data cables can pass from bottom to top with cutted areas of chasis.

Produced with passion with our experiences! Not like any robot sumo chassis!

There are similar kits at another markets but just outdated designs.. Not like SteelWarrior

What is included at Our Robot Sumo Kit?

  • Steel Warrior Chassis (6 Pieces)
  • Titan Motors (4 Pieces – 200 Rpm or 500 Rpm)
  • Rubber wheels (4 Pieces – 6mm holed, 53milimeter diameter, 36mm width)
  • M3 Standoffs & Screws

Caution! Full list is at right. Above picture just includes some parts of kit.

What will you need more?

  • Battery (3S or 4S Lipo Battery is good 1500-2000 mah Enough)
  • Opponent & Edge Sensors (Omron, MZ80 sensors – Look below for recommendations)
  • Motor Controller (Relay Board or H Bridges Ok, It should give 10 Ampere continously)
  • Main Controller (Arduino or Pic boards)
  • Magnets (If your dohyo is metal and allowed to use magnets.)


If you have any competition at robot sumos but can’t afford to maxon motor designs that model is very suitable for you. Engineered design will crash all opponents.

Rigid structure will give hard impacts to opponents.

High powered Titan motors will work in higher voltages for more pushing force.

Other Notes

  • Chassis can be painted on black.
  • Best usage with five opponent sensors (Caution, sensors not included)
  • At front blade use spring steel with 0,3-0,5 milimeter thickness.
  • Place magnets balanced and near to the wheels.

Perfect for All Competitions!

Armored chassis can be yours! Perfectly designed for magnetic robot sumo competitions or traditional competitions (without magnets). That chassis can bring you first place at lots of local competitions! You can buy from JSumo with confidence. Usted puede comprar con confianza 🙂 We are shipping worldwide for 10 USD!

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Additional Information

Weight2100 g
Dimensions200 x 181 x 90 mm


  1. Greetings from Peru;)

    Looking for a highly durable, customizable sumo robot kit to take you to the next level? If so,
    consider reading this information.

    Simply put, SteelWarrior, a professionally crafted Robot Sumo chassis, comes equipped with
    4 Titan Motors and a number of rubber wheels. If you’re looking for an entry level
    sumo robot kit that is virtually unbreakable, SteelWarrior may be your best bet. This unique
    Sumo Robot kit is extremely easy to set up, customize.

    Spaced Out Design – Understanding that the more space the better, the design
    allows for 4 motors to fit perfectly into the design. Further, one can easily place other
    necessary components such as the battery and wires easily as well.

    Easily Customizable – Whether you’d like to paint your chassis or change the wheels,
    SteelWarrior allows for easy customization to stand out from the crowd

    After vigorously testing this sumo robot kit, we’re happy to report back results. Through our
    dozens of hours of testing and battling, we quickly realized the durability and power behind
    the Steel Warrior. Upon competing with other sumo robots, it became abundantly clear that
    the steel warrior was going to withstand both competitors and test of time.
    Long story short, if you’re looking for a high quality, long lasting, and customizable sumo robot
    kit, we recommend Steel Warrior for local sumo robot competitions.

  2. Hi from Latvia.
    Steel warrior is the good starting option for mega sumo builders.
    I can agree with the excelent review by Luis from Peru – it is durable and has potential for customization.
    Be ready do hands on and make you own design and configuration from this set.

  3. hi
    i am from qatar and i recieved this chassis and i found it more than i expected .it easily assembled and have the ability to add what you need .
    thanks jsumo

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